Photographs of ships and boats around Belfast Lough



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Paul Stewart   2017

Kilroot and Carrickfergus.

Latest Photos

    18/09/17 LPG Tanker Epic Bali      Belfast
    18/09/17 Avalon      Belfast
    17/09/17 Bulker Pacific Pioneer      Belfast
    17/09/17 Cruise ship Seven Seas Explorer      Belfast

    13/09/17 Lisa      Belfast
    13/09/17 Bjoernoe      Belfast
    12/09/17 Bulker Anna Smile      Belfast
    12/09/17 Bulker AP Jadran      Belfast
    12/09/17 Diezeborg      Belfast

    08/09/17 Cruise ship Wind Surf      Belfast
    03/09/17 Bulker Cherry Dream      Belfast
    03/09/17 Bulker Spar Spica      Belfast
    03/09/17 Rebecca Hammann      Belfast
    02/09/17 Komet III      Belfast
    02/09/17 Tug Masterman      Belfast